Network Design

We believe that a network design is a crucial part of any company's Data Network and Fiber optic cables can provide much higher bandwidth than traditional copper cables. When designing a fiber optic network, it's important for us to consider the bandwidth requirements of the network. And also the level of security needed. 

JT Data networks specialises in Fiber optic cables as they  can transmit data over much longer distances than copper cables. When we design a fiber optic network, it's important to us and our client to consider the distance between the different network components. Some import elements are as follows.

Redundancy is important for ensuring that the network is not interrupted in the event of a cable failure. When we design a fiber optic network,we alway take into consideration redundancy options, such as using multiple cables or backup power supplies.

One of the many reason we use  Fiber optic cables is because it is much more difficult to tap or intercept than copper cables. When we design a fiber optic network, we map your design and we have your security at our highest regard so multiply security measures, such as encryption and physical security are used.

These are just a few things we take into consideration when designing your networks. There are many other factors we consider, and the best design will depend on the specific needs of your business.

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